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Get to know Craigh Wilson – International Best Selling Author of ‘INTUITIVE’ Thought Leader, Intuitive, Healer, Mentor and Speaker, empowering people, business owners and leaders to trust their intuition in life health and business globally.

Craigh is a regular media contributor on:

Talk Back Radio Lifestyle 2UE Sydney, 3AW Melbourne, 4BC Brisbane with David Prior

Monthly contributor to “The CEO Magazine” Australia and globally


Craigh Wilson was born with a calling to help people reconnect with who they truly are. He facilitates clearing away the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, biological, chemistry and DNA blocks that are holding people back from being at their absolute best in life, health and business. He is an internationally renowned 2 x Amazon best-selling author, dynamic keynote speaker, mentor, and adviser to everyone from everyday people, small to medium business owners and entrepreneurs through to business and world leaders.

Craigh began to use his intuition from a very young age, accurately reading life, health, business and political events. Since then he has gone on to excel in global sales, marketing and executive career for some of the world’s top 50 and iconic companies. As an Executive Chairman and CEO of his own company, Craigh has and continues to mentor and advise small to medium business owners, entrepreneurs and international governments up to prime minister level.

Craigh has founded a number of iconic international start-ups in the Asia–Pacific region and founded his medical and business intuitive practice with a passion for understanding what makes us tick from the inside out and how the body can heal itself.

Craigh is inspired to see people bigger than they see themselves, and to help them live and achieve their full potential in life and business. In 2016 Craigh has co-written the Amazon bestseller Better Business, Better Life, Better World with best-selling authors Daniel Priestley, Paul Dunn and Masami Sato, along with other international entrepreneurs. The book offers practical advice to our grandchildren on how to do business, live a better life and create a better world for future generations.

Known for his ability to inspire, energise and entertain, Craigh is considered one of the leading medical and business intuitives throughout Australia, Asia and the rest of the world. Craigh’s results with clients in life, health and business do truly speak for themselves. He is highly sought out as a keynote presenter, mentor and teacher.

Anyone who meets Craigh Wilson, reads one of his books or experiences one of his workshops or keynote presentations or programs will undoubtedly feel inspired, touched and connected to the true power of an aware human being – and ready to use the power of their own intuition to change their life, health and business. Craigh believes people being intuitive, loving and responsible means they will make the biggest contribution to themselves, their health, business and humanity.