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Are you Sick and Tired of being Tired?

embrace change 1

My life is changing what can I do about it?

Is your life changing? Do you try to be optimistic each day?  Is your week a challenge to get through? Your future is uncertain? Today looks like an up hill battle and there is no relief insight?

What is going on?

Ask these questions. What has change in my life? Has something changed about me? Why don’t the things that used to me happy are not giving me the same satisfaction any more? Even when things you have enjoyed and loved for many years are just not doing it for you? Your life, job, people, friends, and associates. They are moving and drifting away. The truth is that they are not moving away on their own. You are moving away too. In new directions. Whether you are conscious of it or not. Why are new people in your life more interesting and engaging?  Step by step new people replacing people you thought you would be friends with forever.

So what has changed?

Three things. Firstly you have changed. Secondly the world has changed. And thirdly when you change then your world changes. Resisting change is futile. Change is the nature of all life and our Universe. We live in a constant state of flux. The thing is being able to go with the flow. Accepting change. When we accept change we can do something about it. Embracing change gives you your power back. Some times we feel sick and tired from old feelings, old thoughts old people and patterns. Let them go.  Like a needy friend they will do their best to stay.  Some at all costs. At first you can feel an experience of loss.  Even when recognize you are releasing unhealthy codependences of what we thought we wanted, what we thought was important to us, who we thought we were.

Embracing change

Confronting initially, clarity shows there is light at the end of the tunnel. Showing blocks in that areas of your life. What to do and how to get around it. Now you are more aware. With awareness comes choice. With choice comes power. With  power comes responsibility. If nominated to be the President of a country you have much more power and responsibility once you are in the position. For example Barack Obama. I encourage you to embrace change. Step by step let go of all that is stopping you. Become, create the you that you have always wanted to be. Be the joy and hope of five-year-old happy child. Free, open, full of love. Embrace change in your life today from this moment to the way you choose it to be because you choose too. When you change your world will reflect back the changes you have embraced. Giving you a life by design as to a life of victimhood and circumstance.


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