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Felt lost, disillusioned, helpless and afraid of the future.”

“Have since received two big sessions from Craigh. They were at pivotal moments of my life. Craigh was understanding and his scope of answers were amazing.Craigh’s work in indeed powerful and I felt especially on the second treatment a profound experience. Thanks Craigh and keep up the amazing work.”

Now: “I have my life’s purpose, freedom and ease thank you Craigh”


Will Elrick, Inspirational Speaker and Mountaineer


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Angry Personality

“Craigh let me know there were a few different things he could do for me to improve my enjoyment of life, I wasn’t sure what he meant though I trusted him, I did a one hour session over the phone and the results have changed my life, I no longer have “angry moments” in my family relationships and I am more clear minded in all situations, this clarity of mind has allowed me to create a new life and follow my dreams more passionately, I will never know how he did it, I just know it works.

Now: “No more anger, clarity in all situations…”


Jordan L. Public Relations Director