For over a decade I have specifically been working with people in their lives, their health and their businesses in the area of intuition, meditation and self healing.

And what I have found is that 98% of people in life and business suffer from stress, trauma and fear. Most people’s lives and careers are run by their fears and emotions.

People and business owners, entrepreneurs and executives of Fortune 500 companies have come to me with a range of compelling problems including anxiety, depression, lack of self-worth, lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome, relationship breakdown, chronic fatigue, hopelessness, physical pain, including viruses, tumours and  more.

I have learned through working with many people just like you, from all around the world, is using your own intuition effectively can heal and manifest a body of health and vitality.

It is one thing to know this in theory, and a completely other transformational and life-changing experience yourself.

That is, to experience the intuitive power of your energy, your mind and your heart to potentially heal and manifest anything.

You can access this energy level by how clear you are on all of the 7 levels of intuitive mastery –

1. energy, 2. mental, 3. emotional, 4. physical, 5. biological, 6. chemistry and 7. DNA…. and much more.

You can access your divine health and you can also just as easily block it, by createing stress, illness and disease.




  • Hi, and thank you so much for joining me. Craigh Wilson is an amazing person, and Craigh is the author of the upcoming book called “Intuitive”. And that neatly describes what Craigh does. What he does with me and an increasing number of really, really interesting people from around the world. They, like me, get to connect with Craigh online and at live events and Master minds around the world.

    These are people who realise that there is so much more that they could be doing. They could be playing a bigger game. But there are some things that may be inhibiting them from doing that – things that are blocking them. And one of the things that Craigh does, and he does it in the most amazing way, is to get rid of those blocks for you in a fascinating way so that you can perform at a really high level.

    So, I’m about to go and meet with Craigh now. But what I want you to do, (and you’ll see some links on this page), is to take the opportunity to connect in with Craigh.

    Take a look at some of the fascinating new programs that he has coming up that make it really, really easy for you to tap into the magic that is Craigh Wilson.

    Do that as soon as you can.I promise you that you’ll be thrilled that you did.

    Paul Dunn - 4 x TEDx Speaker Chairman of B1G1
  • “Trust yourself, your heart, head and gut know best. Craigh we trusted our gut to get you on the show and we are really glad we did that.”

  • “I have very much enjoyed Craigh’s Treatment Program. I was astounded how Craigh got to the core of my issue as to the physical symptoms. Craigh’s provides a complete and wholistic, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and scientific approach with no side effects.

    Craigh helped me with a number of conditions including stress management, fatigue, acute physical pain and running a busy medical practice and more.”

    Dr Alan Hadley MD, Chairman of The Adult Stem Cell Foundation Australia
  • “As a journalist, I have interviewed over a thousand authors including Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dwyer many times. When I met Craigh for the first time and felt his best best selling book “intuitive” in my hands, I knew right there and then, that Craigh and his book resonated the most purest energy I have ever experienced from any practitioner I had met or interviewed.”

    Diana Page Jordan - Upper New York Fox Nightly News Anchor
  • I originally came to Craigh with IBS - I had gone to see many doctors and specialists but my condition wasn't improving. I had also lost 15kg before seeing Craigh. After the first session I saw dramatic improvements in my condition and after my second session I was basically functioning normally again and stopped losing weight immediately.

    I am now working with Craigh in his private life and business program. What Craigh teaches is life changing and really amazing. I recommend Craigh to anyone who is open to change.

    Matt Grbcic - Director MG Group Development Manager, Project Manager, MEDICAL IBS – IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME
  • Intuitive is a master piece

    Radio Lifestyle, 2UE, 3AW, 4BC


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