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Over 25 years experience in meditation and self healing…

Craigh Wilson, Principal, Pure Being Healing, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney, International, Miami, anxiety, fear, depression, overcome fear, overcome depression, overcome anxiety, remove stress, decrease stress, manage stressCraigh his gifts, skills and experience allow him to identify the root CAUSE of your issues as to treating the symptoms. He can clearly SEE, feel and identify issues within your body then provides YOU with a transformational individual healing treatment. Craigh experienced a major life crisis and life threatening illness. Craigh used intuitive healing to heal and recover back to health and happiness. Craigh has facilitated thousands of powerful healings for Australian, New Zealand and international clients around the world.

FAST and EFFECTIVE HEALING of depressions, anxiety, emotional issues, skin conditions, viruses, tumours, pain, physical issues, spiritual issues, EASY relaxation, meditation and self healing techniques and much more…

If you want to empower yourself to heal, we can help you. – Craigh Wilson

Are you suffering?

Depression / anxiety. Mental and emotional stress. Brain fog. Lost your mental clarity and life direction. Lack of self worth and happiness. Physical tiredness, pain and trauma. Health, illness and medical issues. Lack of abundance. Drug and alcohol dependency.

What if there was a natural treatment that works?

Address the cause of the problem as to treating symptoms. Works on all levels of your mind, emotions, body and spirit. No drugs. No side effects. Safely reducing your medications over time at your pace.

That will give you the individual, support and care you need to get and stay well?

From today to a healthier, happier you. Medical and allied health professionals as part of your wellness team. A practical, transformational treatment program that starts today. Short, long term and life long benefit. Learn to listen to your body. Receive real self healing tools for you to use immediately and keep and apply for the rest of your life.

Experience Fast and Effective Healing – It really works!….

Daan-Jan van Zanten
Senior Executive Infrastructure/Strategy TNT HQ, Holland

Transformational experience from being closed and fearful to becoming more open, loving and better conscious choices for his well being

Before & after sessions with Craigh

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