How to use intuition to grow your business

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“How to use Intuition to Grow Your Business”

How many times have you had a gut reaction to something – a person, a job, or a situation – that didn’t quite feel right? Did you follow it?

Our intuition forms a vital part of how we make decisions in life and business, yet many of us don’t know how to properly tap into it – and when not to, In #1 Amazon U.S. best-seller, Intuitive Craigh Wilson, provides a practical guide to understanding and using your intuition in both professional and personal circumstances. With over a decade of experience helping thousands of clients from the everyday person through to Fortune 500 leaders, Craigh Wilson provides unique insights into how to maximise and leverage your intuition in an increasingly demanding world.

In this intriguing presentation Craigh will show you 5 important steps to making important decisions quickly:

Step 1: Settling your mind
Step 2: Emotional Release
Step 3: Physical Whole Body Release
Step 4: Becoming Centred and Grounded
Step 5: Making powerful decisions quickly

Craigh has over 30 years’ experience in health, meditation, energetic, physiological, mental, emotional healing, optimal living and transforming business.

Craigh has the intuitive ability to see, feel and connect to the human body and businesses and effect change at the core of the issue as to the symptom.
Having experienced and healed from a life-threatening illness while being a successful international business executive with intuitive healing, Craigh has empowered thousands of intuitive healings and consultations for international clients including various medical, life and business challenges. He has also assisted with opportunities, relationships, life purpose, heart issues, genetic defects, depression, viruses, tumors, emotional Issues, physical pain and injury. In short, “Craigh can help you”.

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