Master the four levels of thinking to boost your business acumen

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Four ways to ensure you think simply with clarity, confidence and accuracy to make the best decisions.

In a business world of accelerating change, being able to think, feel and act decisively under pressure has never been more critical. The four levels of thinking, simply and powerfully allow you make important decisions with more clarity, confidence and accuracy.

The four levels of thinking

1. ‘I think’
Thinking is mind based. Limited to logic, often negative and fear-driven. When you ‘think’, you can be right and you can be wrong. Consider what information and biases you have about this person or a situation?

We all think differently and have different versions of truth. Two people looking at the same object have a different view, a correct view – from their own view point. Thinking is limited to your understanding, beliefs and experience.

2. ‘I feel’
Feelings can be very strong and also very subtle. Feelings can wake you up at night or catch you when you are off guard. Our feelings are closest to our heart, and we all can become better at listening to them.
3. ‘I see’
This may be a glimpse, a photo or a little movie in your dreams or your mind’s eye. Some people see energies. Seeing can come from being in nature too – birds flying around you or a butterfly that sits next to you.

You’re walking down the street and you see a person who is the spitting image of someone from your past. Days later, that person calls you. Some people have more natural ability of seeing than others (who feel more). Seeing is about acknowledging these signs and acting on them.

1. ‘I know’
Real knowing, comes from your gut. The first cell in your body that divides is the heart cell. Our gut pops out after that. Consider this: the body is infinitely intelligent and, therefore, the first cell from the heart, like the seed of an acorn tree, has all the information you need about yourself and your business.

Modern science shows us we have four brains – one in the heart, the gut, the spinal column and the head. When you begin to listen to your heart and gut, it can feel good – or it can feel blocked. Give yourself time to practise.

Did you know that light can go from zero to light speed instantly? This is how fast you can access intuitive information. When coming from love, your heart, and your gut, you cannot go wrong.

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