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Optimal Living Program

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The optimal living for life program is a deeper integrated self clearing and healing process that not only powerfully identifies your underlying core problems it provides a personalized ongoing transformation for you to live life at your best

To apply for the Optimal Living Program you need to have successfully completed the intervention Healing and Support Program we do offer the opportunity to the right applicants to do both programs in conjunction with each other for maximum effect.

You need an insightful, accurate career/business diagnosis that resonates with you and gets to the core of your problems and negative patterns stopping you from moving forward. You need real time and practical solutions you can use now, today.
Craigh helps you validate your concerns, opportunities and what is your authentic life and business purpose. Together with Craigh you will identify your core personal energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional blocks and physical issues, giving you the confidence that you and your career/business can be cleared, healed and transformed.
During your personalised program, you will learn not only how to heal and clear and manifest in your life but now also in your career and business.
Your proven transformational program is designed to “teach your self how to heal”, clear and manifest authentically from the very first session.
Craigh will then facilitate removing major blocks that are stopping you from being at your best. Your health, happiness and career/business success begins and ends with you and your openness and readiness to let go, heal, clear and trust. This will determine your pace of healing, clearing, positive manifesting ability and success.
At the completion of the program, many of our clients experience a true soul awakening, including deep core healing, clarity and confidence, feeling lighter, healthier, mentally, emotionally and physically with a sense of inner peace, purpose and tranquility like never experienced in their life their career/business.
Craigh has facilitated, guided and provided the confidence and access to “true” universal abundance beyond our clients’ imaginations.


1-on-1 Fortnightly Transformational Energetic Healing Sessions over Skype or Phone. Including a highly valuable touch base support call every alternate week with me, where you can share and ask questions and validate your weekly progress. You receive ongoing personalized email support during the program.

Optimal Living Program Sessions includes:

  • Sit or lay down comfortably closing your eyes
  • Settling your mind process
  • Emotional release technique
  • Guided step-by-step Physically letting go
  • Grounding and centering process for your spirit, mind and body
  • Deep guided breathing and releasing of negative energy, stress and trauma
  • Hand your issues over to your own belief system – highest self/Universe/God

During your sessions, Craigh provides a fully comprehensive personal reading for you. This powerful personalised reading, will give you a deeper and holistic insight to who your really are, your current situation and awakening your potential.

Allowing you to decide and focus on how you can best move forward to where you truly choose to be. This in-depth experience utilizes Craigh’s natural birth given ability and many, many years of experience and skill in using highly advanced metaphysical abilities with thousands of clients around the world in health, personal life and business.

Craigh’s ability, experience and skills:

      • Clairvoyance “clear seeing”
      • Claircognizant “clear knowing”
      • Clairaudience “clear hearing”
      • Clairsentient “clear feeling”
      • Clairalience “clear sense of smell”
      • Clairgustance “clear tasting”
      • Medical Intuitive Healer, Mentor “Distance Healer”

Comprehensive personal reading and healing:

      • Energy/Spiritual
      • Mental
      • Emotional
      • Biological
      • Chemistry
      • DNA

Optional, additional vibrational healing and treatment can be provided if required.

Medical Intuitive Energetic/Spiritual Treatment:

      • Deep blocks removed on many levels
      • Fears dissolved in your spirit mind and body
      • Release negative thoughts and energies that have held you back
      • Unravel and release unwanted emotions
      • Restore the bodies systems, organs back to their normal state
      • Infuse the spirit mind and body full of unconditional love and healing

Return to Every Day Consciousness:
Now the guided reading, clearing, healing and mentoring session is complete. It is now time to gently and slowing wake up and come back into your body and return to every day life.

Session Feedback:
Overview of your treatment and mentoring session is provided. Questions and overall experiences are discussed and validated in greater detail. Suggestions and personalised recommendations can be provided.

Many clients feel by the end of the program:

      • Clearer and lighter spiritually, mentally and emotionally
      • Experience being highly energized
      • More alert – engaged with yourself, your work and with others
      • Reduced anxiety and stress giving you a sense of calmness and inner peace
      • Peace of mind within your life and business
      • Heightened intuition – Increased use of your gut instinct
      • Get to the root cause of your fears, become empowered in many areas of your life
      • A great sense of high self worth and self love
      • Transformational increase in true abundance