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Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer

  • I am willing and have the intention of myself healing on all levels including the energetic, mental, emotional and physical levels.
  • For me to achieve the best results I am committed to investing time, effort and energy in myself and/or any requirements of the treatments, programs, teachings and learning’s of Pure Being and that of its authorised associates.
  • For the best outcomes of the Pure Being Treatment Program, we ask that you do not participate in any other therapy or treatment of any kind, without informing and consulting with us, that is, before commencing and throughout the program.
  • Our commitment to you is that you will have phone, text and email support available to you within centre hours, which is included in Session Treatments and/or Optimal Living Program and other Programs. Support is available after your initial treatment and between sessions if required. If there is an emergency email support is available outside of business hours or contact your local Doctor or health care professional. It is advisable that you utilise this service from time to time, if required, so you can get the best result for you and to answer any questions that you may have of your experience during and between Session Treatments/Programs.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to call for the session(s).
  • Full payment is required on booking and must be paid at least 24 hours prior to session time. Otherwise session may be forfeited.
  • 24 hour cancellation policy applies.
  • If an appointment is missed/cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, via a direct phone call or SMS, then the full session fee will be charged.
  • Please ensure you arrive/Skype/phone at the agreed time for the session. Any late calls will be charged from the original start time.
  • For any general enquires or questions please feel free to call. For any personal, spiritual or health and medical guidance please make a booking.

Craigh Wilson is not a Medical Doctor. Any condition that requires medical care should be attended to by a Medical Doctor or a health care professional. A Medical Intuitive consultation does not take the place of any advice or treatment from a Medical Doctor or any other health care professional. A Medical Intuitive consultation is based on the practitioner’s interpretation of energy in and around the human body and should be treated as such and handled in this manner.

The website www.purebeinghealingcentre.com and craighwilson.com and its contents, does not dispense medical advice or prescribe any techniques for treatment of physical or medical problems without the advice of a Medical Doctor or any other health care professional either directly or indirectly. The website’s intention is to offer information to help your personal pursuit for emotional and/or personal, spiritual wellbeing. Craigh Wilson and Pure Being Pty Ltd assume no responsibility for your actions in the event that you use any information from this website for yourself.