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Do you want to perform at a really, really high level?

Paul Dunn 5 x TEDx Speaker and Master Presenter testimonial video of working with Craigh Wilson

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Matt Gribcic

Matt Gribcic

Director MG Group Development Manager, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor


I originally came to Craigh with IBS - I had gone to see many doctors and specialists but my condition wasn't improving. I had also lost 15kg before seeing Craigh. After the first session I saw dramatic improvements in my condition and after my second session I was basically functioning normally again and stopped losing weight immediately.

I am now working with Craigh in his private life and business program. What Craigh teaches is life changing and really amazing. I recommend Craigh to anyone who is open to change.

Glen Mcpherson, Remedial Massage Therapist

Glen Mcpherson, Remedial Massage Therapist

“I met Craigh at a business breakfast in November 2013. I had been battling for months with swelling in my lips and tongue. Blood tests showed my inflammatory system was through the roof, and as a result I had a couple of stays in hospital. All that the doctors could come up with is that I was not having a heart attack. I felt lost, tired, mentally foggy and had no direction in life.

After having some healing sessions with Craigh the swelling in my lips and tongue has gone. I felt that a large weight was lifted from my entire body from the neck down to my feet. This enabled me to regain my vitality for life. I was also given the tools I needed to continue the healing process and believe in myself again. I cannot thank Craigh enough for his guidance, treatment and support through this difficult time.”

Dr Martin Larisch

Dr Martin Larisch

Geotechnical Engineering Manager at Fletcher Construction


Getting clear mentally, emotionally and physically to start my dream business.

If you are prepared to fully commit to the program and if you are willing to open your heart, Craigh will show you how to 'move mountains' and how to create change beyond imagination.

Rebecca F. Mother of 3, Melbourne, Australia

IBS irritable Bowel Syndrome

“In July 2009, I was diagnosed with (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome and had been suffering with IBS for over 3 years.  After going to a number of Doctors, Specialists, Urologist etc., I thought I had tried everything.  Nothing was working.

I was then referred to Craigh Wilson by my Naturopath.  Since my first treatment with Craigh, I have experienced a definite change and have not been constipated once.

Truly amazing. Thank you Craigh for making a difference to the quality of my life.”

Natasha, Gold Coast, Australia

Hospitalised with Migraines        –  Ten out of ten pain after treatment to zero

Debilitating pain, neck, throat     –  Ten out of ten pain after treatment to zero

“I first met Craigh when I had an incredibly painful and debilitating pain in my neck and throat which affected my whole right arm and had caused me to not to work for one and a half years.

After all the Doctors and specialists and tests I went through with no one able to help me. I knew that I needed to see  a powerful practitioner  so I could get to the core of my  problem. I made the decision that I wanted  to get back my health and happiness back. To heal naturally and entirely.

Craigh provided a powerful, practical and natural healing treatment which dramatically reduced the pain and tension. From pain ten out of ten down to two and then down to zero. This transformation happened over several weeks  of treatment.

Healing can be a journey. Just over a year later, I was now suffering with debilitating Migraines.  I was hospitalised for three days with severe migraines and headaches. Experiencing  ten out of ten pain. After many tests the hospital and the Doctors could not help me. They had no conclusion no answers to help me.  The Doctors wanted me to go on a number of drugs even though they could not give a diagnosis? I knew to that I need to call and see Craigh to get the core of my problem. To heal naturally and entirely. I now was not prepared to live another day my migraines and was eager to heal and see them gone for ever.  I left hospital stunned, frustrated, and with major pain from the migraines. WIthin hours of leaving the hospital I called Craigh straight away and made an appointment that day. Before our treatment session I was absolutely exhausted. I felt my head was going to explode. I was in tears. Within twenty minutes of Craigh’s treatment the severe migraine head ache was going.  It went from a ten to a four in just one session. I was stunned and amazed by how much I felt better and how quickly the pain was being released from my heard and my body. In my next Treatment session a few days later my migraine pain went from a five to a three. This was only two or so days after leaving hospital with ten out of ten migraine? Craigh advised that we should wait a week or so at this stage for my mind, body and spirit time to integrate the healing for me. Allowing the pain and the tension to leave the body. In next session a week later my now slight head ache went from a three to a zero.

Craigh at this point gave me the tools and empowered me to be an active part of the healing process and to take responsibility for my life. I now have the  tools with his Optimal Living Program to take control over my thoughts, emotions even severe pain in myself and my body. Truly an amazing and remarkable recovery.

Now nine months on I feel an amazing transformation. I have clarity, confidence and the power to live my life again and to truly new heights. The healing process for me has taken place on many levels. My relationship with my husband and others, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. I’ve become stronger, feel real joy, the loneliness and isolation of the pain has been replaced with a sense of connection with myself, others and the life/universe.

Thank you Craigh for sharing your gifts, skills and knowledge with me. Transforming my well being. Helping me bring about such rich blessings in my life.”

Hinewai Davis, Property Investor, Queensland, Australia

“Hi everyone. My name is Hinewai and this is my story. In the middle of August 2012 I decided to quit my job, leave Adelaide, Australia and follow my dream moving to the Gold Coast. Everything was great and going to plan. I had some time up my sleeve and decided to get a full health check.

When I got a call-back from the breast screening unit my world crashed. I intuitively knew I had breast cancer.

On the 30th August 2012, I was officially diagnosed with the tumour around my heart area. I knew I needed to get an Intuitive Healer on board to at least help me emotionally through my journey. A close friend highly recommended I  call Craigh and set up a phone/Skype session as I was in Adelaide, and Craigh was on the Gold Coast – on the other side of the country.

Craigh was generous, loving and caring as he proceeded to clear emotional blockages centred around my heart centre to energetically shrink and dissolve the tumour. On completion of the treatment I felt a sense of freedom and much love like never before. When I returned to the Specialist Doctor the next day, the specialist said to me that they (the staff) were having a lot of trouble locating the tumour and that it was not showing up on the scan/ultra sound (delightful surprise!!)

I continued with treatment sessions with Craigh and went ahead with the operation to which they removed a lump the size of a matchstick head – much, much smaller than my first assessment. I remember that day, as I wasn’t worried at all. In fact, it felt like happiest day of my life.

I now live in the Gold Coast area and I am cancer free without radiation treatments. I continued on to the self healing and Optimal Living  meditation program with Craigh which has opened my eyes even more.

I have also employed Craigh for the clearing of my home property which noticeably is totally different to how it was when I purchased it.

So if you’re thinking of any kind of intuitive healing to get to the real cause of as to the symptom of your problem – don’t hesitate call Craigh and his team. IT WORKS.”

Helen, Pharmacist, Adelaide, Australia

“For the past 12 years I have fought breast cancer. Each time, with chemo and hope, I was able to get them to disappear.  One year ago they came back in the lungs.  Chemo did not work, now they are in the liver & the lungs.

Every time they came back I lost more hope about my future & daily chores became very difficult.

I have also had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for the past 5 years, with bad pain in the upper gut, chest & Oesophagus – the pain was unbearable.

I did not know what to do.   Then a good friend told me about a Medical Intuitive Healer called Craigh Wilson.  I had nothing to lose, so I called & made an appointment for a healing session over the phone from Adelaide, as Craigh’s Clinic is on the other side of the country, thousands of kilometres away in Miami on the Gold Coast, Australia.

During the first healing session the pain in my gut disappeared.   In the second the chest pain went and in the third the Oesophagus was treated.

During this session I could feel pain at a spot on the LHS which I had not felt before, then a large area on the RHS – I felt them both close over and the pain disappeared.

In the next few sessions I began having flashes of happier times in my life pre-cancer.  My hope has gradually begun to return.

I am feeling a stronger, knowing with Craigh’s help we can fight the cancer and move on.  I now feel stronger and more alive.”

Helen Voros, Feature writer/journalist, Sydney, Australia

Life spiralling out of control

“I met Craigh wilson at a party and we got to talking almost immediately. Intrigued by what he claimed he could do, I thought that I should try it myself as my life was spiraling out of control and I truly wanted to get back on a track that was right for me. After the first session with Craigh I felt almost lightheaded, like a cloud had been lifted of me and felt as though my body went into detox. After a few more sessions i feel more in control of my life, happier and stronger with everyday that goes by. I look back to when I first met him and cannot believe how my life has changed in such a short period of time. I look forward to Craigh’s healing sessions as with each one, i feel closer and more focused toward following my life’s path. I highly recommend Craigh as he has found the ‘real me’ and brought my inner child back. o longer can extraneous details of life affect me, my path now seems laden with gold, something I had lost throughout the years of constant upheaval in life’s tragic occurrences.”

Now: ”he has found the real me my inner child is back…“

Amanda, 28, Public Servant, Sydney, Australia

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“Craigh is a fantastic medical HEALER. I had battled with ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ (CFS) for two and a half years until I finally had enough and contacted Craigh. Five sessions later and I am completely healed. I spent thousands of dollars and wasted my time and energy seeking out several doctors, immune and infectious disease specialists, digestive centre specialists, naturopaths, homeopaths, Chinese herbalists, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other energy workers, but none of them could cure me. They either did not understand the issue, did not know how to treat it, or just skimmed the surface in treating some of the symptoms of the CFS. But it never went away. It was affecting my personal life and my ability to work. Craigh empowered me to positively change my life and to reclaim back my health, joy and happiness. I am now doing what I love to do, I know my true identity and I have more clarity and energy than i have had in a long time. Craigh’s medical ability goes deeper than most and I am eternally grateful. If you are ready to be healed or helped in life, please see Craigh. I highly recommend it.”

Now: “Five sessions and I am completely healed I have reclaimed my health joy and happiness”

Daniel, father of three, small business owner, Wollongong, Australia

Living in a void of emptiness

“Hi Craigh, with heart felt gratitude to you that I write the following testimonial for you. Prior to my session with Craigh I felt a deep seated emptiness that I just could not fill. It was a feeling that is difficult to explain but can be best described as a void, a hole, like a piece of me was missing on a very, very deep soul level. for years I tried filling it by various means (some good & some bad) but the emptiness always remained. Then I was given Craigh’s details by a mutual friend and in one session Craigh opened my heart to the possibility of true unconditional love for myself. WOW, what a feeling! the emptiness has been filled and my life has been changed forever”.

Now: “True unconditional love for myself my life has changed for ever”

Kelvin, father of two, teacher, Sydney, Australia

Heart murmur, back issues and a twisted bowel

“After a decade of knowing that there was more to the disastrous path my life was bumping along, where physical ailments from a heart murmur to numerous back issues, twisted bowel and numbness in two limbs, were not the only things sabotaging anything i tried to do. Craigh has impacted significantly on my life, where I can now see the pathway clearer, putting me back in the driver’s seat so to speak. thanks Craigh.”

Now: “Clarity in life, my health has transformed and my life is back on track”

Lorraine C. School Teacher, Perth, Australia

“Hi all. Lorraine from Perth here. When I heard about Craigh, from a mutual friend, I thought, “what can it hurt to call this guy?” I was a widow of three years and my life wasn’t yet back on track. I didn’t love myself and didn’t know how to love myself because I had loved and put husband and family first for decades. I was having ailments and symptoms, coping with the whole situation that my life was or had become. I kept myself busy, to the point where everything was occurring as stressful and complicated. I was not contributing to anyone in my life and allowing no one to contribute to me. After a few phone sessions with Craigh, he has healed, and continues to heal my ailments, thoroughly, spiritually and methodically. In particular, I was carrying stress in every muscle, from my head and neck right down to my buttocks and calves. i had a twisted knee and a crick and pain in my neck. Craigh alleviated the muscle tension and, through universal energy healing, alleviated the pain in my knee and neck as well. My health and well-being have improved on many levels. I relax, sleep well, have energy throughout the entire day, no longer require nanna naps, walk and move pain free and love myself and my life. I feel connected to the world and everything, everyone in it. I look forward to the years ahead, being half-way to one hundred and ten and all relationships are working. I am contributing to my family, friends and community. they are contributing to me. Life is wonderful.

Now: “Arthritis and pain are gone life is wonderful”

Janet, 58, History Guide, Sydney, Australia

Shy and anxious

“After having an hours healing which was to encourage me to be more relaxed with other people and generally “going with the flow” in both business and personal life, several weeks later i actually feel this is happening in a very easy way for me both with friends and business.”

Now: “feeling comfortable with friends and people business…”

Seamus O’Brien, 54, Business Coach, Wollongong, Australia

Exhausted professional

“Like many people in the helping professions I am very busy, work long hours and must be on the top of my game to make the difference I am committed to making with the people I work with. Honestly it takes a lot out of me as I assist others solve what seems to them to be insoluble problems. At the end of the day I am exhausted, emotionally and physically. Most concerning to me was that after a night’s sleep I was waking up tried, worried and in a sort of pre-exhausted condition, not exhausted but ready to be.

All this was having a negative impact on the quality of my life. i was in constant need of a holiday but much too busy to consider one.

When I accepted Craigh’s offer for assistance in solving this I must admit I had only one thing on my mind, I was sceptical as it was possible to be but what the heck I had nothing to lose. I must say after only a few sessions I have a peace invading my psyche that gives me better concentration, the ability to make the right decisions and choices and just more energy. My morning readiness to be exhausted is gone and I am substantially more effective at work and in private matters.

I have a noticeable increase in my level of optimism. I am working less and getting what needs doing done in less time.

What I like best is I don’t have to do to much, a smidgen of meditation (I am the world’s worst at but I am told will improve – this must be true as my capacity could certainly not get any worse) and give him permission to do his stuff.

Thank you Craigh, even for the world’s greatest cynic and doubter you have been able to work your magic.”

Now: ”exhaustion gone, achieving much more in far less time, experiencing inner peace…”

Alissa Nathaniel

After her first session with Craigh Wilson, Alissa immediately began to experience a change in her condition. In this video she shares her experience.

Daan-Jan van Zanten

Senior Executive Infrastructure/Strategy TNT HQ, Holland
Transformational experience from being closed and fearful to becoming more open, loving and better conscious choices for his well being