Why you need to make decisions based on your gut

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When making important business decisions, do you make them more often from your head or your gut?

Gut intuition is an instinct, a feeling, and an inner knowing. Within the four levels of thinking, ‘I think, I feel, I see, I know’, knowing is the most powerful intuitive gift you have.

When you meet someone in business for the first time, if you are noticing and are conscious of it, you will instinctively sense by their words, body language and energy (vibe) whether you can trust this person or not. Your gut and your body don’t lie.

Avoid listening to your gut at your peril. Are you looking for a short-term or long-term relationship with this person? If you get a good or even great feeling, engage openly with your new associate. If you are unsure and feel concern, tread warily. How many times have you kicked yourself later for not trusting your initial gut instinct?

The science behind our gut second brain

Science has now caught up with what many of the world’s most successful CEOs already knew. Science now demonstrates we have more than 100 million neurons in our gut (our second brain) and only 10 million in our head.

So how do we make better intuitive gut decisions?

Follow this simple process and make better gut decisions. Close your eyes for a few moments.

Make the following statement:
“I trust this person”, and say their name. Be aware of your gut for 20 seconds.

Now clear your mind
With a few deep breaths for 10 seconds.

Then make the opposite statement:
“I don’t trust this person”, and say their name. Feel your gut for 20 seconds.

Take a few moments to review your gut’s decision. Which answer felt lighter and better in your gut? Which answer felt heavier and not as good in your gut?

You now have your body’s intuitive gut answer. This simple yet reliable intuitive process can be used to validate your first impression of someone whether positive or negative.

If you wish to move forward powerfully in your business it will require you to make more gut decisions, then ever before. So make use of your gut’s powerful second brain with 10 times the number of neurons as your head’s.

Let your gut intuitively guide you faster than ever before, to experience the confidence and freedom of following your deepest inner knowing to achieve even greater business heights.

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