Your ego is your biggest barrier to success

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How to let go of your ego and achieve even greater success.

There is no place for ego in a successful business. Get out of your head and connect back with your heart. Let go of your ego now and humbly achieve even greater success. Really successful people are very modest and yet exude confidence. Catching your ego by releasing your judgement of others is critical to your success.

No-one likes a know-all – like when you are sharing an important idea about achieving a company key performance indicator and you get that condescending look from your staff member. Whenever you say, ‘I know’, it kills the conversation. Saying ‘I know’ affects others greatly, more than they will let you know.

One of my US clients is an international business coach and author with 20 years’ experience. She had tried working with other mentors before but said I was the first to advise her to put her ego aside. She got immediate results, achieving a fivefold increase in quarterly sales.

I was once told to ‘Give up the right to be right, even when you are right’. This is a powerful mantra that applies equally to me as well as my clients.

Why do we cling to our egos?

Love has no need for ego. Ego comes up when you are feeling vulnerable and insecure, so you feel the need to exaggerate your successes. Why? Because as human beings, we all want to fit in. We want to be accepted by the tribe. It’s time to stop identifying yourself with your ego, possessions, CV and what you do.

From head to heart
The shortest and longest trip you will ever travel in your life is the one from your head to your heart. Take a deep breath and breathe out all your upset and righteousness. Think of someone you love, feel good in your chest and heart, and now come from that loving place towards the person you are addressing.

Most people are unaware of their ego and the devastating impact it can have on others. It is all about catching your ego earlier and earlier. Ask yourself: Am I coming from my head, or am I coming from my heart?

Imagine how quickly you can change your thoughts and feelings for the better, rather than simply reacting from fear and ego, to create a more connected, flowing and successful conversation.
Less ego equals more success
As you become less egotistical with others, you will also become less judgmental of yourself. I have a question for you. Who are you hardest on? Other people or yourself? In the end, we are hardest on ourselves.

You will find that as you stop telling people about your rights and opinions, they will become more interested in what you have to say, and more willing to listen to you.

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